Living Will

An advanced directive or living will is a legal document which details whether you want life-prolonging treatments by medical procedures in any of three circumstances: (1) you have an incurable or irreversible condition that will result in your death within a relatively short period of time; (2) you become unconscious and your health care providers determine that, to a high degree of medical certainty, you will never regain consciousness; and/or (3) you suffer from advanced dementia or any other condition which results in substantial loss of your cognitive ability, and your health care providers determine that, to a high degree of medical certainty, the loss is not reversible. Additionally, a living will allows you to authorize or direct the withholding or discontinuation of life-prolonging measures, such as respiratory care, or artificial nutrition or hydration). Many individuals wait until an advanced age to execute a living will document, however, at any moment in time, anyone could experience a life-altering, catastrophic accident, which could cause us to have to make these types of decisions. Don’t wait until it’s too late to document your wishes regarding the prolonging of your life.

You may revoke a living will at any time that you are able to communicate health care decisions. And you may, although you are not required, to file a copy with the Advance Health Care Directive Registry maintained by the Secretary of State (

You should carefully consider the implication of executing a living will, which documents instructions regarding specific types of treatment that is consistent with your religious beliefs or what you deem is unacceptable for any reason. Call the Law Office of Crystal M. Richardson PLLC today at 336-283-5108 or go to the                                page to schedule a consultation to

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