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Peace of mind for generations to come

Heirs' Property is a form of collective land ownership involving a piece of land which has been in the family for many years. Usually, the land involved is the first piece of land owned by the original owners, which has been passed down to their descendants. Historically, this form of collective ownership was valued as a way to provide wealth and stability to future generations. While this is often true, heirs' property also involves complex legal challenges which may benefit from the support of an attorney.

Our firm seeks to work with families who own heirs' property, and help them resolve legal issues that may arise from this ownership. We will work with you to optimize the economic and social value of the land your family owns.



Heirs' property impacts a significant number of families in the United States. However, it disproportionately impacts Black and Brown families and has been a significant driver in African American land loss throughout history. This is widely attributed to the lack of will-making, but even with a will issues with heirs' property can arise. 
Heirs' property to lead to litigation that threatens co-ownership rights, sustainability challenges surrounding tax relief programs, and many more complex issues which warrant the support of an attorney. The Law Office of Crystal M. Richardson will help you navigate the complexities of land retention, and plan for the intergenerational ownership of the land you own.

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